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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I suppose it happens to most of us, almost as a natural cycle. You start blogging anxious to share your story, but gradually the whole 'being trans' stuff gets less important and other concerns take over. Longer and longer time lapses between posts occur and enthusiasm drains to the point that one makes a farewell.
However , for me, thats a long way off.
It has though been a long and draining last 9 months of other farewells. Possibly there should be a phrase for it like 'putting the family to bed' to cover homes, hospices etc for older relatives and funerals. It's meant spending far too much time in a place I truly have grown to detest ( the UK ) to the point where I'm seriously considering applying for german nationality. And obviously it's emotionally hazardous to health.
It's also cutting ties by my disposing gradually of my remaining half share in a london flat, getting loans repaid, moving lots of personal stuff to Berlin, as well as pushing the Berlin agenda of changing to being formally a not-for-profit, starting a queer arts zine, looking at starting another shop, etc etc.
Seem to be having a run of interviews too - TAZ, der Freitag, a couple of online pieces and something for a health magazine. Paying forward...
Am also making a serious start on a book which will probably feature heavily in terms of blog posts here and possibly also using a vlog format.

As a kind of spin off from the forthcoming shop documentary, the following ad starring some friends...'Another Country'

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