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Monday, April 25, 2011

That awkward moment

I knew I shouldn't have written anything about how I pass - it always seems that immediately after something contradicts it.
Actually this has happened to me 3 times in the last week and I'm really going to have to try and handle it better. The thing is that I don't put that much effort/importance into passing and kind of expect to be read, at least as somewhat odd, after a while, when I'm doing my usual thing of sitting in my place talking to people. And as part of meeting conversations I quite often bring up being trans. It doesn't normally affect negatively and I do like to show that trans people aren't weird sex freaks and put over some basic bits of education. Additionally it works for my own benefit with women, since I can place myself as an adolescent and occasionally get useful advice on coping with emotional turmoil etc.
Except it gets hard when I have that awkward moment, the one where I'm talking to someone across a desk for a couple of hours, raise the topic of being trans and they go whatttt?? And, inside, I go like WTF. It's obviously some sort of compliment that I do pass that well, but it is a bit awkward because I suppose I'm putting people in mind of the 'deception' meme which is broadly counter productive.
Oh well, I guess I can always put up some more 'god made me trans' stickers etc.

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