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Monday, September 13, 2010

On becoming a woman (3)

So first apologies.
Low energy, clearing up business stuff I've been unable to do for too long, family problems, getting to know my awesome husband and getting less asexual.
And being uncertain about how and where to get going.
So this time I'll say what I want to talk about, rather than come up with the full complexities of my present model.
I want to talk about figure and ground.
I want to talk about focus and frame.
I want to talk about different paradigms of perception/cognition based on association and differentiation.
I want to talk about the division of conscious and unconscious processing that reflect those paradigms.
I want to talk about the gendered difference in the engagement of awareness in the act of cognition.
I want to talk about the grid of hormonally differentiated arousal gestalts and the construction of meaning.
I want to talk about gendered difference in the contingency relations of construct and world and the reflexive consequences for personality formation.
I want to talk about gender identity as an interdependent system of cognitive structures and strategies based on coherent perceptual paradigms, (separating the two for convenience sake).
I want to talk about using this standpoint as a watchtower upon kyriarchy.
I mean, what else should a growing girl base herself on than radical essentialist feminism ? And where else can I look for a transfeminism that allots value to trans narratives as illuminations of gender ?

And of course I want to talk about stuff like how a relativistic spatial perception alters the
expressive content of communications and gender differentiates linguistic bases.
And why I feel that Judith Butler does not necessarily do less harm by being a wise fool than Germaine Greer has done as a, in the words of the ever delightful Angela Carter, clever one.
And stuff about my awesome husband, if she'll let me.
And maybe something about shoes.

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