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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DO NOT DO THIS with ticked off trannies

So there's this ex-New York gay guy who helps out here, who's something of a film buff. And he comes in here today and poked some fun at the trans/GLAAD reaction to that movie. After I rather heatedly explained about the Angie Zapata thing, he backed off a bit.
But then he said something, totally joking of course, about not understanding why there wasn't a protest in, what for him was, a more traditional way. Namely slitting open part of the seats and inserting a paper giving the reason for the action.
Now I'm sure no-one would take such a suggestion seriously. After all, the cinema that shows the film has no responsibility for it. New Yorkers in general are known the world over for their general diffidence, courtesy and respect for the laws on criminal damage, and I'm sure the trans community is even more so. And the empowering message of the movie is truly an example to us all. Not only that, but its a (not serious) suggestion by a gay man for trans action, and no trans person could ever take that seriously.
And there's one final, overwhelming reason not to do this. If any one were misguided enough to take such actions they'd off trannies with knives...

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  1. Good point and it is in my view an odd way to protest.

    What I'd like to see is some of the companies making money from closeted S&GD people like crossdressers, from the sellers of breast-forms and gaffs to plain old lingerie online stores to devote some of their cash to S&GD issues like funding inclusive and empowering S&GD films, PSA's and the like.

    And i think that we should call on the people making this film and profiting by showing it to also do so, especially anti-hate anti-violence PSA's vetted by S&GD organisations.