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Friday, July 31, 2009


So its Friday again.
My week revolves quite a bit around Fridays.
However this is the fourth Friday in sequence, so its an easy standard one.
Grilled lamb patties. ( 3k of mixed lamb and beef mince, 500g of fresh apricots, ground almonds,4 eggs, 6 slices of bread soaked in red wine, a leek and a handful of mint chopped, combined, seasoned and wrapped around pieces of camembert and grilled).
Roast chicken legs (10k dusted with coriander and mixed spices with an orange sauce)
Harlequin omelette ( 18 egg layered omelette with a variety of vegetable and cheese admixtures )
Smoked fish or maybe pan fried trout
Sliced potatoes, boiled and roast with garlic butter ( 6k )
Hollowed tomatoes ( inners used in omelette ) stuffed with cheese and spinach
Stir fry peppers and sweet and sour pumpkin
Onions and mushrooms ( maybe 300g of chanterelles to 1k of champignons ) duxelles
Carrots finished in orange juice, 3k glazed
Salad ( not, thankfully my responsibility )
Seasonal vegetables
A small meat / cheese / breads cold table
5 euros per head, ( might go up to 6 soon ) and 1.50 per drink
At the moment I tend to predict about 30 to 40 people turning up
I cook the meal for around 9.15, go on the front desk for conversation and money, and get to bed about 5 on Saturday morning, the event breaking up approximately a half hour before on a cloud of over inebriated farewells
It’s a long day


  1. Hmm how was the camembert with the lamb?

  2. The reactions were better when I tried it, but I still don't eat meat so I can't be more detailed. I wish I wasn't quite such a creature of habit...